Our Process

As a leading project facilitator and capital partner for institutions, our development process aligns private investment to the values and interests of your institution and captures the best practices of private-sector innovation.





Establish a shared vision that meets the needs of the institution.

  • Seek piercing clarity of the institution’s vision and determine project needs, goals and objectives
  • Examine pathways to meet project goals
  • Align stakeholders to project vision
  • Align project vision with campus master plan
  • Analysis of potential sites and potential land acquisitions if needed


Define the scope of the project vision.

  • Determine project overall size and scope (Number of beds, units, Square Footage, residents, etc.)
  • Conceptual site infrastructure and design planning
  • Interview stakeholders and gather specific programming needs
  • Develop space programming matrixes for design requirements (space planning and adjacencies)
  • Conduct internal market studies
  • After the desired building program is defined and understood, our team builds a conceptual agreement and executes a memorandum of understanding that allows us to commit further resources to the project


Perform project due-diligence and create preliminary partnership agreement between parties.

  • Establish preliminary site plan & design that aligns with shared vision for project
  • Review zoning, secure entitlements and perform other site due-diligence activities
  • Perform preliminary cost analysis and produce pro-formas (based on historic data)
  • Establish banking and private investment interest from value-aligned network of investors and create the “capital stack” of preliminary funding commitments
  • Collaborate with institution to create the appropriate project partnership structure and works in good faith to build final agreements as the project design process continues


Facilitate design process to produce a solution to the institution’s programming needs.

  • Begin producing construction documents from trusted architects and consultants
  • Facilitate design review as needed
  • Engage with end-users and tenants, if applicable, for any specific design planning and engineering
  • Construction budget updated with contractor and supplier input based on 100% Design Development documents
  • Provide design management and value-engineering services based on 50+ years of collective building experience
  • After the project analysis is completed and design and cost estimating is underway, our team collaborates to draft and execute a long term ground lease that is acceptable to both parties and allows us to secure debt financing for construction


Execute the project vision through construction.

  • Finalize construction documents and final construction agreements with contractors and vendors
  • Finalize construction cost and ongoing contingencies
  • Oversee construction and ensure compliance with construction documents, program and overall project vision
  • Manage construction budget and cash-flow from funding sources
  • Begin engaging with end-users in leasing activities


Steward the project through leasing and operations ensuring the project’s shared goals are met.

  • Build and execute a marketing and sales plan to ensure project meets proforma goals
  • Develop on-site property management staff, as needed, to support the on-going operations of the building
  • Operate and manage property, ensuring property is stewarded with excellence while maintaining leasing operations

Our team has the multi-disciplinary expertise required to guide your institution through developing a project vision, analyzing a project’s viability and executing the project through design, construction and operations.

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